Hey guys! The time has come and I'm finally moved to my new place. The moving process was pretty brutal due to the pouring rain all day but we all get them done like troopers. Thanks to all my friends who helped me (you know who you are!). Without revealing too much, the new place is located right in down town city which is completely different from the place that I used to live for many years in the suburbs. Lots of change and lots of adapting needs to be in place, but overall, I think I'm holding okay thus far.

Apart from my moving fiasco the past weekend, my cousin gave birth to a beautiful baby boy on Saturday morning (finally!), after roughly about 24 hours long labor. Yikes. So on Sunday, I made a day trip to the hospital in NY to see them. Meet baby Reggie everyone!


Isn't he the cutest thing ever? I can't handle it. Really.

Next thing to do this week is to finish unpack my things in my new place and clean-up the old apartment to get my sec deposit back (hopefully!). Taking a break today and laying low after the busy weekend.

More Spring updates coming soon!

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