Review: Philosophy Take a Deep Breath


For a while, I have been in the hunt for a perfect gel moisturizer. Why gel moisturizers? Because they tend to be lighter and oil-free, which is perfect for my combination/oily skin (On a cooler weather my face can get really dry, and very oily in a damp weather like Jakarta. That is why I have different moisturizers for different weather, depending on where I’m going). Plus, I wanted something lightweight yet effective, that soothes without making my skin feel greasy. I have tried Clinique’s Moisture Surge and Vichy’s Aqualia Thermal cream, which are great products, but the winner goes to Take a Deep Breath by Philosophy, an oil-free, energizing oxygen gel cream moisturizer.

Four things I look for in a moisturizer:

  1. Quickly absorbs. I hate, hate, hate it if I still have that sticky or greasy feeling 5 minutes after I put on my moisturizer, which a lot of heavier, more moisturizing products have.

  2. Does its job well – Moisturizes!! just as it should be. You know how some moisturizers left your skin feeling soft right after you put it on, and left your skin feeling dull for the rest of the day.

  3. Blends well with make-up. Not so good moisturizers can become flaky after you apply them sometimes, which makes them hard to blend with your make-up.

  4. Doesn’t have a strong scent. I can cope with a little bit of scent, as long as the product works well.. But once a moisturizer is heavily scented, it will probably stay on my drawer until I ran out of my favorite ones.



Philosophy Take a Deep Breath has everything I look for in a moisturizer. The formula is lightweight,  and stays hydrating throughout the day. As soon as you apply it, especially right after you’ve washed your face, you’ll feel refreshed instantly, as if your skin is actually breathing. Even my husband uses it. This product doesn’t have SPF in it, so you can actually use it at night too.

I am on my third jar so far ( I have never been this loyal to a moisturizer), but sadly, they are not available in Indonesia yet, so I might have to find a substitute until I got the chance to restock them.

If you have a normal/combination skin, or acne-prone skin, I highly recommend this product.


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