The Breakers

On my first week of vacation, we went on  a road trip to Rhode Island. We tried to leave the state 2 days before Christmas knowing that the interstate traffic will be crazy on Christmas Eve. But little that we know or realized that Christmas this year in on Saturday therefore, Friday is taken as the official Christmas holiday off in most workplaces. So the normal driving time of 5.5 hours turned out to be 7.5 hours in total. We survived.

One of the highlights of the RI trip was discovering Newport's famous mansions - The Breakers. I'm not going to bore you with the historical facts of this building but all I can say that the Breakers is impeccable. They did a great job at preserving the originals. With $19 ticket you can get in to the mansion and take an audio tour into the whole house. Photography is not allowed inside the house but I did some sneak shots when I thought it was safe (no one was around or I saw a lady who's taking pictures); then I realized at the end that all rooms had at least 2 surveillant cameras.. 0__0

Whoops sorry!

Amazing Back Yard View

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