I was in NYC last weekend for a day trip and since last month I've been wanting to check out UNIQLO's HeatTech line so once we hit the city I went directly to UNIQLO's store at Soho. Despite the freezing weather, the street was packed with people. Tourists, school trips as well as people who's doing some Christmas shopping.
It was packed! I ended up picking up one of the HeatTech top in White in Medium. The packaging made it impossible to try on so I had to guess to determine my size. Turns out Medium was a perfect fit for me. Yaay to that.

What makes UNIQLO's HeatTech so awesome? This is what they claim:

  • Heat Retention - Specially designed hollow fibers capture air to prevent warmth from escaping your body
  • Heat Generation - When HeatTech absorbs body moisture, tiny droplets generate heat. 
  • Anti Static - The fiber reduces discomfort from static electricity
  • Odor Control - A special antibacterial agent in HeatTech helps to minimize odors.
  • Stretchable Comfort - HeatTech streches to give you a perfect fit and maximum comfort
  • Non Deforming - Highly resilient and durable, HeatTech maintains its shape even after repeated washing
  • Soft Texture - Fibers containing natural amino acids derived from milk protein to make the material smooth and soft to the touch. 
Now I have worn mine twice and it does feels warm. Not so sure about the odor control because I wear a deodorant everyday but I have to completely agree on the soft texture and stretchable material. It feels really nice actually. 

To check their complete line, click here

For $19.90, it's a steal!


redwhitebride said...

love uniqlo! my black renggong manis "uniform" is from uniqlo heattech too. good to perform in winter, not so much in summer.

-[s]- said...

yes, i'm gonna get more, maybe in different color or pattern one.. :)

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