December 2010

I cant believe that we're already in December. The whole year has passed you don't even know it. December means many things to me personally especially this year's. One, my birthday is in December, and I will be turning 25. This is a big deal for me. Twenty Five! No joke. Two, first time spending my birthday and the holidays without family. My cousin, her future husband and my uncle/aunt will be going back to Indonesia in a week or so for their wedding. Unfortunately I'm not able to go for different reasons. Third, the holiday/Christmas festivities around. I love Christmas parties where everyone dress their best and in a happy mood. Gift giving is another thing but I always cherish the time I spend being around my friends to celebrate the holiday season. Not to forget the amazing decorations indoor and outdoor. Last but not least, the new years celebration. Part of my goal is to be a better person every year. I haven't come up with a plan as of yet, but I got the feeling that this year's NYE will be different (in a positive way).

Speaking of gift giving. I had collected few items that I'll be sending for my Mom this month through my cousin's upcoming trip back home. I had passed some of the items to her, but some are still with me that I planned to pass it over this weekend. I thought I would just post them since my Mom has been asking for it.

Here you go Mom!

Cole Haan purse & Niagara Falls magnet souvenir from my trip last month
Cyber Monday Score!

And here's a sneak peek of my cousin's wedding invitation from Indonesia.

There you go Mom! Hope you enjoyed all the gifts!

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