Bye 2010, Hello 2011

The time we visited was very close to the Xmas weekend so the city of Providence was a bit quiet than usual. On Xmas day we decided to take few photo shots in the Providence city hall. We then went to this park uphill on the other side of the city for a view of the whole city downwards. 

Got home for a quick change, then we headed out for a drive to Foxwoods Casino in CT. We dine in the famous Festival Buffet and stayed a bit in the poker room.

On Sunday morning, we headed down to NYC and as soon as we hit the road, the snow has started to come down. Me being in denial, was persistent to go and stay in the city. I had made myself a to-do list such as go shopping in Soho, Rockefeller, going to Top of the Rock and a nice lunch in MoMa's Bar Room

None of that happened except the nice lunch in MoMa with Kazusa and Kenji. The snow was so crazy and by the time we got out of the subway after lunch, nothing was visible. Thankfully, few cabs were still on duty and we made it back to our place in NY.

Not knowing what's going to happen the next day, we couldn't sleep and kept the TV on for weather news all night. By the end of the night 20+ inches of snow had accumulated, three airports in NY were shut down, 1400 flights were cancelled and New Jersey was at a state emergency. How in the hell are we able to go back to DE?

It's a miracle that we made it back to DE. Getting back home safely was my birthday gift for myself.

Remember this post here?

Each of us had to exchange two gifts with two other person. The other persons' name will be selected randomly and each person is responsible to make a "wish list". Here's what I got at the end of the night - Kat Von D Adora make up palette and the Salvatore Feragamo perfume. Neat!

gift givingSeparately for my birthday, few of my closest friends come up with the Seagate 500GB portable HD for my present. This is perfect to store/back up my pictures as my laptop's C drive has been getting very full. Overall, I'm happy with the presents I received. I am enjoying my last days of my 2 weeks vacation days and looking forward to the new years to come.

Sorry for the long post but now I feel pretty good to end my year in 2010. I hope everyone a happy new year and I can't wait to find out what 2011 have in store for me!


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