That 50 cents

Taking my recent recipe for chicken meatballs, I decided to use red sauce this time. I'm a big fan of white sauce over pasta because red sauce tend to have that typical sour taste which I don't really like. But with the meatballs, I would say the red sauce taste better than white sauce.


Quick story for you:

I stopped by the mall the other day to pick up my usual tinted moisturizer at the MAC store. While I was checking out at the register the sales lady said, it's $30. As I was reaching to my credit card in my wallet, I pause for a good second. Then I thought...Wait, is this right? I always paid $29.50! I have been using this product for little bit over 2 years, so I know how much it is. Not that 50 cents is a big deal but I definitively acknowledge the price increase right at that moment. Part of the reason why I love this product is the price which is still below the 3.0 mark. Unless it's a skincare line where it actually "treat" your skin, $30+ is overpriced. Anyways, I didn't make a fuss and paid.

Later that day, I was craving for some chinese food and I went to my usual local take-out place and ordered my usual combo dish. The menu had $6.50, and it always been $6.50 for years. As I order the food on the counter, the old asian lady said, it's $7 now, it's that fine? .. hrr.. Yes, it's fine. (I guess).

So, what's up with the 50 cents increase? Can anyone explain it to me?

When is this recession coming to an end?

And oh yeah it's Friday today! I'm one week away from my mini vacation a.k.a labor day weekend.

Have a great weekend everyone!




redwhitebride said...

you're right, my fave thai food corner at reading terminal also increased their entree prices by 50 cents. me = lower buying power :)

Flora said...

oh, that looks delicious!
great blog, keep it up :)


Gabrielle - I LIKE IT FAST said...

Love your photos and blog!

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