Shoe Confession

Not that it's anything new, I have a shoe-weakness. I'm sorry, but I just do.
Although I decided to not joining the black friday shopping frenzy last week, I still participate in placing several orders online. Let me tell you this, I only go to their shoe section on every website.

I almost have an anxiety attack not long after I realized I need to have this shoe here on my previous post here, I came to find out that this particular boots only being sold in 2 websites - and I never thought I had to go through this in any of my shopping experience where I'm so limited to 2 places to make a purchase. So unfair!


After checking the 2 sites on a daily basis, finally the promotions starts to kicked in on Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Yes, they started early! Honestly, they're trying to mess with my brain because the 2 sites have different promotions with different pros and cons.

Here's the details:

  • had a 20% for purchases $150+ and free shipping. The pair was selling $215 at a regular price which brings it down to $172. Although, you pay $5.95 if you decided to return them back. Since have zero experience with madewell boots, there is a big chance that it might not work out and I have to send them back. Possible total cost = $177.95.
  • On the other hand, had a $50 off for purchases $250+ free shipping and return. The strange part is the pair was selling for $198 at a regular price on this website. So essentially, they're cheaper to begin with. But since they're only $198, they don't qualify with the promotion on its own. I have to somehow add "something" to make it a $250 purchase and get the $50 off towards the order. What can I buy for $50sh on Shopbop? If you go to the website, you'll know why I'm screaming. 
I was literally having anxiety to make this decision. Finally after consulting with several "trusted" people for a "second opinion" and after a thorough consideration and calculation, I decided to make the purchase from I spent a good 45 minutes to decide what to buy for my second item to reach the $250 mark. I found it and I'm glad that I did. This necklace is gold plated and very simple to be worn everyday.

Look.. the boots look even better in person


And the necklace



Happy happy happy......I'll post more later on my other shoes as they come in the mail...
Also, If you noticed, I finally made a twitter account. You'll see the widget is on the right of this blog. Feel free to follow @sariasoy85. Cheers!


Liz Chan said...

Nice blog! Hansen told me about it. I love those shoes, btw.

Sari said...

Thanks for stopping by! :)

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