First time driving in america

My cousin Sasti came down and move to Washington DC for her MBA years ago. This is actually a very old video where she just got herself a car and driver's license and was trying to make her way from her place to the campus before starting her first semester.

Reza (still her bf at that time) were trying to show her to navigate the road with a GPS as she was adjusting to drive on the different side of the road with the American left driver's seat as oppose to the Indonesian right driver's seat.

It took her 45 minutes to drive from her place to the campus on this first attempt during a regular hours. Then later we figured that most of her classes are in the mornings where her commute will be during rush hour. That should add another 20-30 minutes ride with traffic. Yikes.

Meanwhile I was just becoming a useless commentator through out the trip. LOL. Not sure if I was helping to ease her nerves in any way but it was so funny to see this in the video again. Good times!

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