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As much as I love my newly fresh blog that I am collaborating with my twin cousins, I still miss having it on my own. This blog is still my baby and although it may not be as nice as the new one, I still think of this blog throughout.  So, today I finally decided to keep this blog alive as my personal posts.

It has been about 4 months since my Hiatus post. Obviously, many things happened in between. First, I moved back to my Indonesia. After 10 years of being a Delawarerian, I decided it's time to go home to motherland reuniting with my family and home. Second, I went on a lifetime Europe trip with my cousin. Third, new years is around the corner! Where did 2012 go? Seriously.

But to tell you the truth, I'm very excited to end this year. I don't think this year has been a great year for me in general. I'm anxious to start the new 2013 with new adventures and hopefully awesomeness.

Living in Jakarta has its own ups and downs. It is truly a huge roller coaster to the extreme. At times I feel like I'm on top of the world, other times I feel like in a shit hole somewhere in the ghetto street of the city both mentally and physically speaking. It's hard to describe, but my mood swings have been tested on to the extreme.

Independence? You can forget all that. Living back with your parents under one roof is nothing to be independent to. Carpooling and sharing a car with your parents is another level of a dependency. Their extreme worrisome and curiosity of your life sometime took its toll on me. That one-arm private space that you crave for becomes a luxury.

On the positive side, I have zero bills to pay. what? yes!

In the past 4 months, I had so many reverse culture shocks, re-exploring my own home in a set of different eyes, best friends got married, dealing with uncomfortableness in so many different levels, seeing weird things on a daily basis, dealing with a non-standard "everything", new place new policy, car accidents, and the hardest part would be breaking my own rules. *sigh

Expectations need to be immensely managed, otherwise, disappointment is your best friend.  No promises, no expectations - a life of hakuna matata.

The best part of this process is reconnecting with old friends. Those friends you left behind 10 years ago, you begin to know who is your real friends and who is not. As for new friends, this is still questionable. I'll leave it at that for now. For what is worth, family always comes first. Always.

Are you ready for the new years?

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