Another Shoe Confession

After the Shoe Confession post here, I was anxious to receive the remaining 5 pairs this week in the mail. Sadly, none of them fits right. Sad week huh? So I returned everything back today. The 3 out of the 5 pairs were purchased from Aldo.

They are all beautiful, but my problem with all of them were their European sizing and the fact that they do not carry half sizes. I'm a true US 7 and the shoes I ordered were all size 37 (US 6.5) because in the past, I know that a size 38 (US 7.5) in Aldo is way too big, so I thought a 37 would be fine. Turns out all of them were too small for me - Sad.

The Aldo shoes

The other 2 pairs were purchased from my favorite online store One of them was posted on my "want list", the Sam Edelman Putty Boots which I came to find out so popular. I ordered them in size 7.5 since all the reviews tells me that this boots runs small due to the narrow front. But as soon as I tried them on, it was big and def. needed a 7 instead which is my true size.

I immediately made a call to their customer service to process an exchange but the boots are back ordered to the end of January! What?? Too long man, I had to cancel it.. there's no way I'm waiting for 2 months for this boots. The last pair was a Nine West heels that looked so gorgeous in the picture but so tacky in real life. The finish of the material was in between a regular matte leather and shiny patent leather. Which I thought was weird and cheap looking. So you can't really tell whether it's leather or if it's patent.. more like plastic-y like. I had to return them back.

Nine West & Sam Edelman

So that's the story of my life. Although I kinda knew that I would run into these misfit issues with shoe shopping online, I would never thought it'll be almost every single pair that I ordered. But at least I got the Madewell boots that I really wanted. They're so comfortable.

Alright, I that's it for my shoe report. Since I've been talking about it on my earlier post, I might as well write about and move on to the NEXT shoe search! :D

You guys have a great weekend! 

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